Incentive: Reims and sparkling bubbles

Reims | France

A city that knows how to capture your attention.
A rich, charming history and 4 amazing buildings puts Reims on the World Heritage list of UNESCO.

When in Reims visit the basilica Saint-Remi, the Saint-Remi museum and Palais du Tau. They are a few of the many historic magnets.
To get to know the city a little better we organised a personalized city game. A unique way to learn about the rich culture this treasure has to offer.
The 3-day incentive was filled with marvellous attractions.

All the cultural sites are becoming more popular every day, although the real treasure is to be found on the countryside of the city.
Here we find  small pearls, living in silence for many weeks waiting for their time to shine. Of course we’re talking about the champagne.
Reims is the centre of the champagne region in north France. The road to this province on its own is a spectacular experience with the most amazing views.
The vineyards keep you amazed for thousands of kilometres, they take you away to the most beautiful places.

La Bonne Vie

A stop at one of Reims’s best champagne houses didn’t stay away. Vranken Pommery welcomed us with open arms to step into the story of wine production.
A huge champagne house that has a rich history filled with the best in sparkling bubbles. To find a true adventure you descend 116 steps into the wine cellar to discover a wine lovers paradise.
The wine cellar has been decorated and designed with the finest craftsmanship to combine Vranken Pommery’s two passions, modern art and wine production.

Our day continued in Damery where we made a stop at the Maurice Delabaye & Fils champagne house. Our clients were told the tale of the Delabaye family traditions.
A visit to their wine cellar didn’t stay out. We were taken on an exclusive tour throughout the wine production.
During the backstage tour, the expert himself, Maurice Delabaye gave us tips and tricks that he learned throughout several decades of learning to create the perfect champagne.

Next to the champagne journey, we treated our clients to several extraordinary dinners at different Michelin starred restaurants.
Different gastronomic experiences were served with a fantastic champagne in unique venues.

Our 3-day incentive was closed with lots of smiles  a bus filled with champagne while sharing memories on the journey back home.

If you’re interested to get to know sparkling Reims better yourself, let’s make it happen!

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