Outlaws 2023

Outlaws 2023

In 2023, the pioneers become the outlaws, those who always go one step further in the digital world and dare to explore new horizons. They tread new paths to write an even more beautiful future. This theme is tailor-made for Cegeka's employees and forms the core of the 2023 event.


Inspired by the popular TV series Westworld, a fantastic festival site in the outlaw style was built next to the Cegeka Arena. Starting from scratch, every detail is taken care of, from arranging water through the water company to cleaning up the location afterwards. The experience is at the forefront, which is why three stages have been set up: an acoustic live corner where bands can give their best performances, a main stage, and a hardstyle arena. For 3000 visitors, various food stands, beverage points, and entertainment zones had to be created, all perfectly themed.

Entertainment & Experience

The goal is not to simply set up one stage with four artists and be done with it. Everyone should find something they can enjoy, from a rodeo bull and a casino saloon to a silent disco zone. From getting a real haircut at the barber to a caricature drawing and a group photo booth, we have it all. The line-up, festival plan, and social media campaign have been executed to perfection to maximize the experience on the day itself.


There should also be diversity in the culinary offerings, so that employees can enjoy trendy burgers, vegetarian dishes, or delicious mocktails. Thanks to the expertise of Atelier V, a wide range of dishes is served. But what makes it even better is the creative collaboration between Atelier V and Way2events. This allowed bars, counters, and clean-up areas to be skilfully incorporated or decorated in the theme. Everything exudes the look and feel that Cegeka has chosen, making employees truly feel like they are in an Outlaw village.


For every company and event organizer, sustainability is currently a hot topic. At this event, real glassware was used to minimize the use of plastic. Sustainable cutlery was used, and waste was separated to maximize recycling efforts. Participants were encouraged to only sign up if they were certain they would attend, in order to minimize the number of no-shows. Buses were used to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible.

Cegaka Outlaws 2023 is not just a corporate event or staff party. It is a unique experience that takes employees to another world, where they can immerse themselves in an amazing atmosphere and feel the freedom to push boundaries. With a perfect mix of entertainment, culinary delights, and sustainability, this event is undoubtedly legendary.

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