A historic World Cup Russia!

A championship in Russia was for many of us a dive in the unknown, but thanks to way2events experience in organizing team travel packages on football club level, they did have an in-depth knowledge of cities like Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. Several companies took the right decision by booking their travels and hospitality packages via way2events. As well for the group matches as for the round of 16, the quarter finals and the semi-finals.  

Corporate clients of way2events attended as well the game in Moscow against Tunisia as the game in Kaliningrad against England. Moscow was the perfect host city leaving a lasting impression on our clients thanks to its wide variety of exquisite restaurants and its outstanding hotels. The game itself took place in the sensational stadium of Spartak Moscow. Accompanied by some nice temperatures the Red Devils beat our Tunisian friends by 5-2.

Kaliningrad on its turn welcomed the Belgian armada for their game against England. Kaliningrad is a part of Russia which is bordered by the Baltic Sea in the north and the remaining part is surrounded by Poland. Until quite recently, Kaliningrad was a no-go zone for tourists being a Russian nuclear submarine base. A new stadium was built to host 4 World Cup games. Visiting Kaliningrad was an exotic trip full of organisational surprises. Nevertheless, way2events managed to organize the perfect day out in one of Russia’s most unique cities. Upon arriving in Kaliningrad our clients were taken on a city tour by bike. Although some parts of the tour tended towards cyclo-cross instead of riding on the Champs-Elysées, discovering a city like Kaliningrad was an unforgettable experience for many of the participants! A story which will be shared from one generation to another!

Besides adding a cultural flavour to the trip, way2events also arranged an exclusive lunch in a sea-view accommodation which also hosted most of the FIFA partners. Belgium brought all our clients in a party atmosphere by winning the game against England by 1-0. Upon blowing the full-time whistle, way2events opted for a direct charter bringing all guests back to Brussels the same day.

When group stages were over, way2events bumped into another challenge by organizing last-minute trips and corporate events for several companies. The Red Devil madness peaked, and the black-yellow-red fever almost reached its boiling point.

The first knock-out phase game took place in Rostov against Japan. The heroic counterattack in the final seconds against the brave rising sun samurai will be a memory which will last forever in Belgian sports history. Upon the victory against Japan, Belgium qualified for a mythical quarter-final against Brazil on the 6th of July 2018 in Kazan. Before the game, the odds were slightly in favour of Brazil because they had more experience in winning important World Cup games. But once more impossible odds set the stage for amazing miracles.

In common agreement with Brussels Airlines, way2events opted for a day charter. The high number of company requests made it impossible to arrange suitable last-minute accommodation. Besides, we only had a very limited timeframe in between two games. Way2events didn’t only organize the flights but also scheduled the day with various activities and arranged visas and other mandatory documents. Taking into account the limited timeframe, this was undeniably a great feat! In the end everyone could enjoy a magical game in which the Red Devils beat the Seleção 1-2, qualifying for the next round!  

Upon qualifying against Brazil, the semi-finals were awaiting us in Russian fairy tale city Saint-Petersburg. This wonderful city is a well-known destination for way2events because Saint-Petersburg has been the host of several way2events incentives when football club KAA Gent played against the Russians.

Saint-Petersburg is a precious piece of Paris looking out over the Gulf of Finland. Big avenues and architectural highlights colour this Russian pearl! The game took place in the magnificent stadium of FK Zenit Saint-Petersburg., with a capacity of 65.000 people one of the biggest stadiums in the world. Unfortunately, Belgium lost the game 1-0 against our southern neighbours from France. A 3rd place battle, which we won against England, was our consolation prize.

During the WC 2018 way2events made lifetime memories by organizing unforgettable journeys for hundreds of people. They managed to provide professionally organized trips a world away from mass tourism which were a mesmerizing combination of incentive packages with and without overstay nights and day charters having structured daily schedules and exclusive local lunches and dinners. For each request, way2events provided a customized package and offer making football dreams come true for each of their clients.

Interested to attend a football game or any other sports or cultural event wrapped into corporate event or incentive gift paper? Local or abroad? Don’t hesitate to request your custom-made offer and let us create a unique and one-of-a-kind experience!

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