Steampunk employee event!

This year way2events joined forces to deliver one of our customers, Cegeka,
the staff event of the year! Not just a staff event, an out-of-the-box staff party that will be talked about
for a long time in the company's corridors!

From the moment the briefing came in, the adrenaline had already risen in our office,
as it had been a leading event in the sector for years as well as being a great creative challenge.
Now it was up to way2events to exceed the expectations of previous editions.
A unique, original concept, let’s go Steampunk!

After a 5-day build-up, with 2,350m² of wooden floor,
6 different and diverse ten structures,
3 separate stages, 50 artists, a theme bus that functioned as a bar,
3 large food zones, a smoker, a food truck and 5 trucks
on decoration was the parking of our customer converted
into a gigantic event space in Steampunk theme!

With the Steampunk concept we create a world where there has been no technological revolution.
A universe full of radars, gears, steam engines and bizarre figures.

Of course, the steaming peripheral animation for the 2000 present should not be missing!

 A good blend between live music and DJ’s filled the evening musically.
Way2events made a selection of street theater artists and dancers,
who made their appearance during an epic parade through the grounds.
An MC then whipped up the audience.

During the sunset the mechanical fire-breathing dragon woke up and the party started!
The last party hour starts at midnight with fire eaters on the roof of the office building.
In short, a steaming staff event that sparked off!

The people present reacted enthusiastically and the artists thought it was a "mini-tomorrowland".

Do you want to immerse yourself completely in the wonderful Steampunk world?
Then be sure to check out our after movie!