90's Theme Party

An unforgettable trendy staff party ? No problem for way2events!

At Way2events, we understand the importance of creating unforgettable and trendy staff parties for our clients. We always strive to create a unique total experience from A to Z. After organizing the 75th anniversary of SD Worx in June, we were very excited to be part of the next staff event: The New Year's Party - SD Worx goes 90's.

A great success!

The staff event was a huge success, with over 1800 (!) partygoers, which was the biggest turnout ever. Every square inch of the Nekkerhallen was used to bring the 90's theme to life: a 'Candy Corner', real 90's Arcade games, the 'Techno Toilets', a 'MTV Meet & Greet', a real 'Wall of Fame' photobooth, the 'Sub Club Silent Disco' and of course an impressive main stage with a giant LED screen and LED cubes. Additionally, the hall shook to its foundations with three different stages to offer a suitable music genre for every partyhead, both ravers and rockers, with various performance acts and swirling show elements.

Way2events was impressed by the level of involvement and enthusiasm of the employees, who really brought the 90's vibe to life with their funky outfits and dance moves. A special mention goes to the SD Worx Band for their spectacular performance! They almost literally tore the stage apart and made the SD Worx people go wild!

Way2events believes that corporate staff events and staff parties play an important role in promoting a positive and supportive work culture. It is important for companies to make time for fun and relaxation in order to maintain or even enhance a strong sense of belonging among employees. And that is exactly what we strive for at Way2events. We work hard to create unforgettable and unique experiences for our clients that not only bring their teams together but also leave a lasting impression.

A special shout-out to the SD Worx people who came to the New Year's Party - SD Worx goes 90's, your presence and energy made the event a huge success. We look forward to creating more unforgettable events in the future!

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