Celtic - Kilmarnock

Celtic Glasgow in their magical green and white striped shirts form an icon in the western football world. Invite your associates to this business event!


Home team: | Away team: | Glasgow | Celtic Park | Scotland


Your arrangement for Celtic Glasgow includes:  

 reserved seats in Celtic Park during game  

 1 overnight stay in 4* hotel (room 2 persons) centrally located  

 breakfast buffet  

 Way2events services

Price per person

€ 280
Charge Single Person: €100

 exclusive local transport  

 exclusive lunch/dinner  

exclusive VAT  

 15€ administration (once only)

 Licence n° 7119 Licenced Travel Agency: Application of the decree of the 2nd of march 2007 concerning the charter of Travel Agencies. (Published in the Belgian Bulletin of Acts, Orders and Decrees on the 5th of april and the 4th of september 2007)

Hotel-Nights: 1


 Extra overnight stay

According to availability