Financial seminary


A financial seminar… in many occasions we intent to link those words to a dry and boring event whereby attendees would rather prefer running to the doors instead of sitting in and listening whole way through. But nothing is farther from the truth and all depends on the organizing party and the clever and bright ideas he or she comes up with to make this a once-in-lifetime seminar! Way2events is an event production agency which creates immersive and attractive seminars and events by using their indefinite stream of energy and ideas. This way they manage to turn your financial seminar into an event that surprises, engages and excites the audience.  For one of its financial clients way2events managed to set new financial seminar boundaries by setting up a company story-telling event which went beyond the experience. An experience which became a lifelong memory for all attendees and which benefited both the company and the guests. 

A financial seminar with a perfume of healthy lifestyle

During the initial conversation with the client it became clear the financial key topics had to be brought to the audience with a touch of healthy lifestyle and a pinch of environmental awareness. Keeping these themes in mind, the way2events best of their class employees started their brainstorm sessions; bye bye faded crepe paper and blowing up balloons… welcome city of Gent. Being the number one Belgian city of mobility, Gent was chosen as financial seminar host. A clear mobility plan, a traffic flow plan, a parking space plan, school subsidies for schools promoting sustainable mobility and yes, even walking buses… there is no better place to emphasize the environmental awareness aspect than the city of Gent.   

Educational and relaxing at the heart of Gent

The location to be, became the ‘Communicatieloft’ in Gent. By applying some never-though-of-before ideas and some subtle changes to the interior, Way2events transformed the location into a creative and inspiring workshop zone. Once again keeping in mind the healthy lifestyle theme at all times. The event turned out to be an effective, attractive and dynamic day; a perfect combination of inspiring and educational workshops and relaxing moments at the heart of Ghent. An outstanding opportunity also for all attendees to socialize and to exchange on the financial company matters with their colleagues. This financial seminar clearly hit the bull’s eye and got a well-deserved and enthusiastic applause from both the client and the attendees.


You demand, way2events delivers


Way2events is an out-of-the-box event production agency. We are kings in creating memorable events and more than ever before we realize the importance of contemporary society aspects like a healthy lifestyle.  Way2events knows how to embrace these aspects and themes and succeeds time after time to neatly incorporate them in whatever kind of event or financial seminar. From vegan catering to inspiring lecturers. After all…  ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’!